Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh, the Excitement

So, we've had a few very big days recently. Yesterday (Sunday, 6/18) was Kieran and David's first Father's Day! David was excited because he got to watch all the sports he wanted to without a peep from me... That me
ant we watched all three soccer games, PLUS Game 5 of the NBA Finals ("which was a great game btw" DGF) last night and I didn't even ask David to help me pack for our upcoming move in a month. I even pretended to be interested in the basketball game last night, too!
Yesterday also happened to be Kieran's two month birthday. We went to breakfast at a restaurant right across the parking lot from the hospital and thought about what we were doing two months ago and how much little KRUF has changed since he was born. No longer our scrawny, little, wrinkly-faced dude; now he's a chubby ball of glee and energy. Every day he changes a little bit more and gets more and more fun. No more mindless bouncy-walking all day long with the little guy--now he loves to observe and interact with his environment. It's a real treat to read to him because he laughs and coos and kicks his feet in excitement.
He LOVES to read! I guess he takes after his mom and dad in this way already. His favorite book right now is 'Horns to Toes and in Between'--a board book with come colorful trolls who talk about all of their body parts. We occasionally switch it up with 'Snuggle Puppy' (which David read to him every night in utero) and 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.' He also likes to talk to us and give us his opinion on things.
But most exciting of all, Kieran is starting to discover his hands. We just made this connection today. For quite some time now he's been keeping his little balled up fists under his chin, hoping one of them will make its way to his mouth. (We like to call him our little T-Rex when he's doing that, if that gives you a good mental image of what he looks like when in that pose.) The past several nights, he's been beating himself up, whacking himself in the face with his little hands, but it wasn't until today that we realized that it was his subconscious trying to get those little fists up to where he wants them--in his mouth, of course.
Today the three of us drove down to my sc
hool so I could attend my friend's thesis defense, and on the way back, I noticed that Kieran had extended his index finger on his right hand and was concentrating on it as he tried to bring it to his face. He managed to get it in his mouth once, but his other attempts mostly hit him around his eye. He was concentrating very hard, nonetheless, and has been trying to get his hand to do what he wants. Like all other things, it's a work in progress, but he is very persistent! I leave you with these pictures of our little genius working on this big milestone. Enjoy!

Okay, so how do I do this again???

Okay, watch the hand...

watch the hand...

there's the finger...

oh, no! not the eye, not the eye! I'm looking for the mouth! Let's try this again.

I'm getting warmer...

Alright! I got it!



sirbarry said...

That is one good lookin kid.

cynthia said...

what a smart boy!!