Saturday, June 10, 2006

The World Cup Begins...

So, just last week I was thinking back over the time since Kieran's been here and realizing just how many basketball games have been on the television since we brought Kieran home. David, for those of you who don't know, is a pretty big sports nut. We actually had to have a discussion near the end of my pregnancy clarifying that under no circumstances would there be any sports events of any kind be permitted on the tv in the delivery room--I didn't care if it was the NCAA basketball championship game. Needless to say, David was thankful that Kieran waited to make his grand entrance until the interim between March Madness and the NBA Finals.
At last, the NBA finals are almost over. The Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat have already played one game (Dallas won), and once one of the teams wins four of the games, it will finally be over. So, I was thinking about how I was finally going to be free from sports on the tv for a while, at least until football season begins in late August; then it'll be sports indefinitely until this time next year. I'm just thankful that David doesn't care to watch baseball. And, I was thinking that if we decide to have another baby sometime, timing the birth so that it falls sometime in late June, July, or early August would be ideal in terms of having David's undivided attention and help without the distraction of any sports. The fact that being nine months pregnant during that time would be incredibly unpleasant almost seems worth it if there were no sports on.
I was thinking about all of this last week, so imagine my dismay when David came home one day and excitedly mentioned that on Friday, June 9th the World Cup of Soccer starts and will be going on for the next month or so... Fortunately, since the games are being held in Baden Baden, Germany, the time differential is great enough that most games are held during the day, so David watches some of the games from a classmate's apartment during lunchtime.
Nonetheless, I've lost my husband's u
ndivided help and attention pretty much for another month. This morning he woke up at 7 a.m. bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when Kieran stirred for his morning feeding. David eagerly changed Kieran's diaper and asked for just *one* small favor before KRUF and I got back in bed for a little nursing and some more sleeping: could he please just watch the World Cup games today. Okay, sure, I knew that our friend Chad was probably going to come over at 2 to watch whatever game's on then, but I was unsure as to why David was asking about this at 7 a.m. It turns out that (because of the time differential) the games have been on tv since that time, and, sure enough, my husband has been downstairs watching them all. Granted, he did take Kieran down with him after he woke up, letting me sleep a little more, but the dull roar of the stadium is enough to make my eyes pop out. And, little KRUF is excitedly *watching* the game with dad, although I think that he's more intrigued by the crazy expressions and excited movements that David's making and the occasional chanting that's coming out of his mouth.
*SIGH* I guess if we decide to have another, I'll just need to make sure it's either before or after four years from now. In the meantime, I've just got to resign myself to being outnumbered as the only family member who doesn't care a lick about sports. (The exception being Hokie football, of course.) So, it begins.
I leave you with these few pic
tures of my guys watching the various sporting events that have been on our television over the past few months. Enjoy!

NBA Finals...

And now, the Worl
d Cup...


Perpetually Sarah said...

haha..if only we lived closer...John has been obsessed with the world cup too. The two of them could watch every game while we use our time more wisely....haha! You're right though, it only comes around every four years!

John Gauger said...

currently, i'm at work on a couch watching TRI vs ENG ... I love the world cup!

Laura said...

Those pictures are awesome. It was pretty crazy in Mexico, too.