Friday, June 09, 2006

What Fun Times These Are

Kieran is over seven weeks old. It's so hard to believe that he's been here with us for nearly two months!! Every day it gets easier and easier, as we're finding our groove as parents and he's adjusting to his new world. We're slowly easing ourselves into some semblance of a bedtime routine and, as a result, Kieran's sleeping better and longer. We end the evenings with a bottle given by dad (which is not KRUF's idea of a good time, at least not right now), followed by a bath, some quiet, get-ready-for-sleep time with dad, and then a bit of nursing until he falls asleep.

Bathtime is arguably Kieran's favorite time of the day. He loves being in the water. He is usually quietly alert at the beginning, but then he gets going and really enjoys himself, as you can see from the pictures!


carol said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks Loretta, and I will check each week. This is my first grandblogson!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys: This is a great idea. We love to hear everything that's happening. The pix are wondeerful. Love you all, Nana & Papa

Joanna said...

Hi Loretta!

Having Kieran photo & news withrawal-please post a few soon-
Florence needs to check out her potential boyfriend, she's a month and 4 days old now.