Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We're Home!

Wow! It has been quite some time since we last posted on our blog. A lot has happened since then: we travelled back to Virginia for a wedding and to visit family; Kieran started drinking a bottle without a problem; he also began realizing that he could control his hand and make other objects move using it; he started laughing at various things; Kieran took his first shower, which he enjoys just as much as his baths and started taking naps in his crib(!); and shortly after our return from Virginia we moved from our apartment to our house!
We're really pleased to be moved in to our new house. It is just wonderful! It's all on one floor, so no stairs to worry about with our little guy who will be creeping along before we know it. David remarked when we moved in that this was going to be a really fun house to crawl around and explore in, and I have to agree with him. It's exciting to think that this may be the first home that Kieran will have memories of.
I was enamored with the house from the moment we saw it, and I couldn't wait until our move. Now that we're here, I don't regret our decision one iota. The neighborhood is peaceful and serene--a HUGE change from our former locale. There is a great park just a stone's throw away. David finally has a place to try out his green thumb; the balcony on our former place just didn't cut it. I finally have a kitchen that has enough storage for all of the gadgets and accessories I have. And, most importantly, there is now officially a baby's room with all of Kieran's things in it AND an office/guest room (read: we've put a futon in it). As we transition KRUF to his own bed, this last amentity will be incredibly useful.

Moving with a three month old was challenging, to say the least. When it came down to crunch time, David and I had to swap off moving and watching the little guy. I (with the help of several friends in the days leading up to the *big* moving day) moved pretty much everything besides the big pieces of furniture; David and some of his pals moved those things one sweltering Sunday. (The temperature was around 98 degrees, with a heat index in the mid-100's!) Although I swore the last time we moved that I would not be the one primarily responsible for moving the next time, that did not prove to be true. Next time is another story, however... To finish off tonight, I leave you with a picture of our new nirvana. Ciao until next time...I promise there won't be such a big gap between postings this time around!

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Perpetually Sarah said...

Yay, a new post! I've been checking every day. I'm so excited for you. I bet you're loving the house. I so want to come and visit. Hopefully one of these days! Love you lots!