Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just For You, Kate...

even though you are going to see these little monkeys in less than a week!

I know it has been a long time since you got some pictures of the dynamic duo. Here's an update in less than five minutes...

Kieran got his first big boy hair. His curls are mostly gone, although his hair is very wavy at times. Here are some front, back, and very smiley photos.
David celebrated his 30th birthday, and we had a great party. David's good friend, Abe, and his wife, Anna, traveled all the way out to IL to celebrate with us, which was a real treat. (They also happened to be on their way home from the Democratic National Convention, and we got to hear firsthand how awesome it was. So very cool! But I digress...) I will perhaps post some pictures of the party sometime in the near future (or on Flickr), but for now I'll leave you with a picture of David's birthday cake. The party was a football themed soiree--we played two-hand touch and then (since it was David's birthday) we watched the Illinois/Missouri game, and earlier in the day David and Abe watched the VT game.
This cake was made by my amazing friend, Kris. Isn't she talented??? And not only did it look pretty, but it tasted AMAZING, too. It was a vegan vanilla coconut cake, and I am getting a huge craving for some just looking at this picture. It was soooooo good.

The weather was really pretty beautiful until early November, so we spent a lot of time outside this fall.
Here are some pictures from one of our trips to the Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur for Kieran and Teagan's friend Kharma's birthday party and for our local La Leche League chapter's World Breastfeeding Week potluck. (Coincidentally, Kharma's little sister Kismet was born on the same day as Teagan, in the same hospital, and our postpartum rooms were right around the corner from each other!)
Yes, Teagan is upset. She WANTS SOME OF THAT CAKE!
Once she got it everything got a LOT better in her little world. Yes, that is chocolate cake (vegan) in her hands and around her mouth. What can I say--she is her mother's daughter.

As you can see, Teagan really wants to eat these days (and none of that babyfood crap--she wants whatever we are eating). So we finally got her her own chair, and it is AWESOME! She loves to sit in it and eat to her little heart's content.
Halloween was a blast around here. The kids were dressed as jungle animals, which was so cute. Kieran really got into going trick-or-treating this year. He now thinks that every holiday means you get candy. You ask him what happens at Christmas, and he will tell you he gets candy in his candy bag. I guess that would be a lot cheaper, though...
Teagan has six teeth (and I think is working on more right now), but her top teeth came in unusually--she got her eye teeth before the middle ones on the top, so we joked that she looked like a little vampress...See what I mean? It was an adorable smile, though!
Teagan now has SO much hair, and it's always getting in her eyes, so I have started putting it up, which is absolutely adorable. She has started scooting on her bottom to get places, and she is FAST! I doubt she'll ever crawl because scooting works just fine for her, thank you very much. But, she is desperate to walk like the big kids do, and I would bet money that she will be walking before she's one. She cruises around the furniture and is getting pretty daring and trying to go one-handed. Case in point: That's all for today folks. Maybe it'll be another two months before I post again, maybe it'll be in two weeks. Who knows! Either way, there should be enough pictures here to tide you no more complaining, Kate!