Saturday, June 10, 2006

Memorial Day

Kieran said he felt like a big superstar when he and I were home over Memorial Day weekend--the camera never stopped flashing! He wanted me to share these pics with you all. Enjoy!


Me and my big cousin Jay checking each other out. I'm sure we're going to have lots of fun and get into lots of trouble together. I can't wait! And, my mommy and Auntie Amy can't wait for Jay and I to become Hokies just like they, daddy, Uncle Brian, and Uncle Dan were. They're already dressing us for that eventuality!

Mommy, Me, Jay, and Aunt Amy. I'm trying to work it for the camera, although it's hard to tell in this pic.

Me and Aunt Amy. I'm so glad that she drove all the way down with my cousin Jay to visit for the day!

My Aunt Cathy giving me my bottle of mommymilk. She arrived just in time to help feed it to me!

Me, Mom, Jay, Aunt Amy, Aunt Cathy, and Mandy (wee-wee and pee-pee's doggy)

My Aunt Diane, me, and mommy. Don't let the face fool you; I sure was happy to see her!

Uncle Rudy (Andrew) carrying me in my Baby Bjorn. I love that thing and my Uncle Rudy!

There I am again in Hokie garb while my brave Aunt Molly was holding me!

Aunt Kathleen made sure I was happy and even helped change some of my diapers!

Here I am with my Uncle Albert. You can't really tell from this picture, but my mom sure thinks I look like him!

Aunt Becky made it home from rebuilding houses in Mississippi just in time to meet me before I left. I'm sure glad that she did!

My Uncle Dan sure was patient. I was in Virginia for three whole days before he got to hold me!

Here I am with my Aunt Liz! She changed almost all of my diapers when I was in Virginia. We really had a great time during those diaper changes. Aunt Liz would sing to me and make me laugh.

Pictures with my grandparents!

Here I am checking out my Grandma Carol. I sure do think she's pretty!

Me and Grandpa Don. I'm really glad that he and Grandma Carol came down for the day to visit me!

Here I am in an Ullrich four-generation picture with my Grandpa Tom (aka pee-pee), Papa, Grandma Jackie (aka wee-wee), Nana, and Mommy.

Here I am with my Grandpa Tom at the end of a long day. Later on that night, when I was asleep in his arms, he and Uncle Albert promised to give me hot dogs one day!

Another four generation picture with Mommy, Grandma Jackie, me, and GiGi.

Me and Aunt Sharon. She got me to fall asleep in her arms, which is no small feat!

Here I am with mommy's college buds, Casey and Nick. I'm pretty sure they'll be on my side when I start getting into trouble!

This was my first experience at Cracker Barrel. I didn't get to eat any of the food, but I sure loved the company! It was great hanging out with mommy's good friends Sarah, Joy, and Danila.


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Kieran, there are so many people that love you!

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