Friday, August 11, 2006

The Aunties are Coming, The Aunties are Coming!

Well, actually, a couple of the aunties were already here, but this title was much cuter. My sisters, Becky and Elizabeth, just left after almost a week-long visit. It was wonderful having them here; they helped me with KRUF and with organizing the house, hanging pictures, etc. I feel much more prepared for the upcoming school year to begin--which it will in just one short week! Kieran had TONS of fun with his aunts. They played with him and got him laughing (which he likes to do right now) good and hard. They also got to experience the awesomeness that was Kieran's first (and many subsequent) roll over(s)--from his belly to his back--but unfortunately I missed it! He's since done it a few dozen more times. (I got to see most of those.) All in all, the visit was great. Everyone had a great time, and I DEFINITELY miss them now that they're gone. Hopefully we'll have more visitors soon!

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