Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some Long Overdue Pictures From Our Vacation

So, between packing for our move (which took place just three short days after we arrived back here from Virginia!!), unpacking from the move, and having a three (almost four!) month old to take care of, I have been a bit negligent in my email correspondence and blogging. So now, more than a month after we got back from our trip, I am finally posting some pictures that I thought you all might enjoy of our our little bundle of joy (at least most days--some days, like today, he's more of a bundle of patience-wearing-down-challenge!)

Here's KRUF meeting his Uncle Brian for the first time.

And meeting his Uncle Tom, also for the first time.

Sharing a chuckle with Uncle Albert.


What a handsome bunch of guys!

The happy family.

The trip was great, but it was exhausting (and not just for Kieran(!), although switching to a new environment every couple of days certainly took its toll on him.) We all felt like this after we got back, but the trip was definitely worth it. We look forward to seeing everyone again at Thanksgiving!

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