Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beach Baby, Beach Baby

We're currently at the beach (although sadly sans David, who is back home working hard), where KRUF has experienced the ocean and sand for the first time. He is LOVING it, and I have a feeling that I'll be pressing even more urgently for a move to the shore (or at least closer to the shore than the Midwest...) once this trip is over.

Here are some pictures of Kieran and Uncle Andrew making their way across the beach to the shoreline (and Uncle Andrew trying to get Kieran to wave to me up on our room's balcony):Here's Kieran enjoying building a sandcastle (more like a sandmound):
and dipping his toes into the Atlantic for the first time:
Today will be Teagan's first day experiencing the ocean, but yesterday she observed her brother from the balcony of our room with Grandma:
You may have noticed that Kieran is doing everything with his Uncle Andrew, who has fast become one of his favorite pals. It's been awesome to see how tender, gentle, and patient my 15 year old brother has been with his little nephew. Kieran couldn't wait to "go outside" once we arrived at the hotel (and wouldn't even put on his swim gear, as you may have noticed) so Uncle Andrew gladly took him out to check out the beach while I got us settled, nursed Teagan, etc. Here are some adorable pictures of the two of them:
These are just a few last pictures for Daddy, whom we're all missing, although we're have a great time:

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Jessica said...

I miss you guys! Glad to see you're having a good time, though! :)

When will you and the kids be headed back to CU?