Thursday, April 10, 2008

Teuf Kruf Update

Goodness, I am so bad at updating this blog! I feel like it's become a mini-photo blog with massively long updates. I'm going to blame it on the thesis...which is hopefully going to be all written by the end of the month!! Hopefully!! I just need to stay focused and keep plugging along.

Here are just a few pictures to whet your appetite. I'll try to post more tomorrow or the next day. We'll see if I can accomplish that!

Two little Irish babies and their mama on St. Patrick's Day. Teagan had a shirt from my Aunt Jennifer that said "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" and a cute Baby's First St. Patrick's Day bib. Kieran wore his infamous NY Jets sweatshirt (for you, Dad).

My adorable kiddos.

Teagan, why so serious?

Ah, I see. I interrupted you when you were practicing your hand manipulation skills. (Love this phase!)

First time in the Bumbo. I think it's safe to say she likes it!

David was gone for a week in early March at a conference (I know! A whole week! By myself with the two babies!), and my great friend, Erin, who is mom to Kieran's best friend, Maya, offered to have Kieran come over one morning to play so I could get a little break. Thank you, Erin! Here are some pictures she took of the kids that day:
Walking back from the park.

Kieran loves to give kisses. We've already caught him kissing a girl in the dark in the movie theater (there are free kids movies on Saturday and Sunday mornings at our local movie theater and we occasionally go to them). I think this boy is going to be a handful when he gets a bit older!

Still to come: pictures from our trip back east, a fun day at the park, and more. Stay tuned!


Perpetually Sarah said...

Love the kissing picture! How adorable!

Anonymous said...

i just looked he is so funny