Monday, June 11, 2007

Reason #38 Why We Need A New Bed

I ask you, where is there room for mom in this bed???

So, we've been talking for a LONG time (since I was pregnant with Kieran, and even somewhat before then) about getting a new, bigger bed. Ours is comfortable, but it's old (we've had it 6 years, and it was a hand-me-down from someone I worked with before we got it) and is now becoming too small for its occupants. We love co-sleeping with Kieran. It's the best. It was so easy when he was a newborn, and it's pretty fantastic now that he's a toddler. One example: One morning last week, Kieran woke up and was playing around in bed while I slowly forced myself into some semblance of awakeness. He crawled over towards me, leaned down, and gave me a big kiss (a REAL kiss!!) on my lips. It was so sweet and sincere. And, it was the first time he had actually kissed anyone or anything. It was hard not to gobble him up when that happened. He's such a sweet boy!

Nonetheless, despite wonderful cosleeping attributes like this one, he is a real bed hog. So, after lots of research, deliberation, and numerous hours lying on showroom beds, we decided to buy a new, bigger mattress. We waited until the Memorial Day weekend sales (and all the great financing that accompanies them!), and we're now waiting for our new mattress to arrive. Finally, we'll be able to sleep without feeling like we're a pack of sardines. I can't wait!

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