Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Catching Up With KRUF

What a bad mommy I've been! It has been a while since I updated Kieran's blog. I guess running after a one-year old limits the amount of time you have to waste on the internet. I think we'll do a journey in pictures of the past couple of months. Plus, who doesn't love some Kruffie pix?

It's amazing how much Kieran has changed over the last couple of months. He has truly transformed from a baby to a little toddler. It has been amazing to watch him (and his p
ersonality!) grow. Of course, growing requires a healthy diet, and we got lucky with this little guy. He loves to eat veggies, especially if they're green, and is coming around to fruits. He also loves to eat starches. While his name may be Irish, his profound love for pasta belies his Italian ancestry. Here he is, chowing down on some yummy spaghetti. As you can see, mealtime can be a full-body experience.

Of course, he doesn't find everything he eats to be delicious. Take, for example, some yummy, homemade birthday cake:

I slaved in the kitchen, making these carrot cakes from scratch(don't laugh at my decorating job--no one ever said it had to look pretty!), but he was totally not interested in cake at all, aside from poking it with his finger. You can see, he looks anything but impressed with mommy's hard work!

Don't let this sign for more fool you. I think he was referring to the empty beer bottle under Dad's foot.

Here he is, letting us know that he's ready to be picked up-- enough of this sitting on the floor stuff.

And this one? Well, it's just too cute to leave out of our photographic journey. My boy is just too adorable!

Moving ever onward, here are a couple of pictures from our whirlwind trip home to VA for my sister's graduation. Here are Kieran and Jay. They truly are some of the most handsomely adorable boys around. Look out ladies--they've got the looks AND a good sense of humor! Oh, and Frank Beamer, if you're reading this, keep your eye out for these two in about 16 years. We're grooming them to be the best QB/WR pair you've ever seen!

Here's Mr. KRUF with me and my peeps at Aunt Becky's graduation from JMU. It is really hard to get a picture of 12 people all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time!

In other news, Kieran LOVES to color. Daddy's computer is fun, as is the Magna Doodle, both of which are nice because they don't make a mess if the writing implement makes its way off the paper. Sometimes, however, he finds a wayward pencil or pen, which is an especially exciting treat for KRUF. Here is an example of his first masterpiece, which he created on the bathroom wall. Thank goodness for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

As you saw in the previous post, Kieran is now a walker, and he has really taken off in the past week. It's not uncommon to see him tottering around the corner, arms akimbo, looking like something out of an old-school horror movie. Never fear, I promise to provide video soon (in the next couple of weeks, hopefully!) documenting this feat before he becomes too adept at walking. He's also signing up a storm. His vocabulary has really taken off, and he has about 20 words in his repertoire. He knows how to say 'please' and 'thank you', too, which are absolutely adorable. He is also doing some verbalizing and is overall getting better and better every day at communicating with us. Don't get me wrong, he still whines and fusses at times, but for the most part, he's a pretty contented little guy.

Thus concludes our journey with Kieran today. Keep checking back. I promise I'll post again sometime soon-ish! Of course, no KRUFalufagous journey would be complete without one final look at this adorable little guy. Here he is, enjoying his first ice cream cone. We hope you're enjoying your summer as much as we are so far!

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Perpetually Sarah said...

Oh my gosh Loretta!! He's getting so big. I can't believe it. I so want to see the video of him walking!!! I miss you all so much!