Monday, January 28, 2008

Coming Home From the Hospital, Teagan's First Bath and New Pictures

So, we made it home from the hospital, and Teagan enjoyed her first car ride (even though her brother did not...). She slept through the whole thing, despite the fact that Kieran cried the entire way home. He was pretty torn up about the fact that we weren't going to be going back to the place with the helicopter pad and where the doors miraculously opened. (You had to ring a bell to get into the postpartum wing and then the nurses would buzz you in.) I swear, Kieran was way more excited about "Doors Open!" than about his little sister. ;)

We slowly settled into a routine of being a family of four (well, five for a little bit since my mom was here to help, thank goodness!!). Teagan's cord stump fell off when she was only four days old (SOOO early! Kieran's didn't fall off until he was well over a month old, which was really late!), so we gave her her first real bath the next day (goodness, did she need it!). David was thinking she was going to hate the bath, but boy did she love it! Instead of bathing her in the sink, we decided to give her her bath in the bathroom since it was like -15 degrees out the night we bathed her, and our house was COLD, despite the heat being up. The bathroom has a ceiling heater installed, so it was nice and cozy back there. Teagan was so calm and alert the entire bath. She was just looking around and observing everything that was going on. Kieran decided after he got into the big boy tub that he wanted to help, but fortunately, he was mostly happy just observing what was going on.

Last Sunday, Kieran got sick. He had a pretty good fever and a *nice* cough. By Monday night,his fever had reached 104, so we gave him some tylenol, and it came down to 101. He seemed to be on the mend on Tuesday (although he still had a fever) so my mom left, but on Wednesday he started regressing and was in bad shape on Thursday and Friday. Totally lethargic and sleepy. We took him to the doctor's on Friday, and everything looked and sounded okay, despite his lingering fever. FINALLY on Sunday (yesterday) his fever broke. AN ENTIRE WEEK LATER, folks!!! When Kieran started to get sicker rather than better we tried to limit his interactions with Teagan so as to avoid getting her sick with whatever it was he had. Since Teagan is pretty much attached to my breast all day long, this meant that he didn't get to spend much time with me, either. (Thank goodness for David's ability to stay home to help out!!) Kieran has been acting out a bit--lots of crying fits/tantrums and hitting, and I'm feeling major mommy guilt about it. I'm convinced that it's because he feels abandoned by me because of how we handled this first illness. But, it's hard to think about knowingly exposing your one week old baby to an illness that's causing a fever of 104+. This is SO not how I expected Kieran and Teagan's relationship to begin. I hope I haven't messed it up for them. So, now that we're all on the mend, hopefully we'll be able to get off on a better foot. Things seemed to be going pretty well until Kieran got sick. Hopefully we'll be able to get back to that.

Here are a few pictures of my cuties to tide you over until I post again.
I thought this last picture was hysterical--all three of my sweeties crashed out in bed (along with "No-Man" and "Bank-et" who go pretty much everywhere with Kieran). Teagan and David really cracked me up since they're sleeping in the exact same position. Teagan really is her father's daughter, I guess. :)


Perpetually Sarah said...

How adorable! I wish I was there! Miss you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
I'm amazed you have energy to keep up with the blog with all the other things going on. Thank you for the updates and the pictures. I'm glad Kieran is feeling better, and I'm sure he'll settle into having a sister soon. Oswaldo and I can't wait to meet Teagan in person. We send you lots of love and congratulations,

Sarah (and Os)

VeganLinda said...

T is so amazingly adorable and I love the picture of them all sleeping together...of course you are awake to snap typical of a mom. :-) I'm sorry I haven't brought anything over to you guys!! I didn't realize what a tough time of it you were having with K being sick. You haven't messed anything up! You have two lovely children who are so incredibly surrounded by love and they will adore each other (99.9999% of the time LOL). As soon as Rob is back in town, I'll bring some food and a baby present.

Anonymous said...

I hope you've been able to get some sleep, even though you're not in that awesome picture. Bad luck with Kieran getting sick, but don't worry- they will love each other. You rock, Loretta!