Thursday, November 29, 2007

Check out Baby X!

When I was pregnant with Kieran, my OB mentioned the possibility of having one of those 3-D (or are they 4-D?) ultrasounds where the computer actually generates a picture of your baby's face, hand, etc. since her office had just purchased a couple of 3-D machines. David and I were really excited about that, but unfortunately they still didn't have the machines ready by the time I had my last ultrasound with KRUF. We asked about it when I had my first ultrasound this time around, but it didn't look likely that we'd get one this time, either.
Imagine my surprise then when I went in for my 32 week check-up two weeks ago and saw a big poster in the waiting room advertising the fact that you could now get one done between your 28th and 32nd week of pregnancy! I called David immediately, and we decided to go ahead and get one the next day before we left to go home for Thanksgiving.
Boy was it worth it! It was so amazing to see our daughter's face while she is still nestled inside of me! As many of you know, this pregnancy has been difficult in that it was a TOTAL surprise and completely unplanned. I wasn't sure if I wanted any more kids after Kieran, and I certainly didn't want to have another before David was finished with his PhD and we had a better understanding of where we would be living/what we'd be doing. I've felt remarkably unattached to this baby in a way that I didn't feel when I was pregnant with Kieran (and a little bit resentful), but one look at this little one's face, and I felt this instant rush of emotion and an instant bond. I'm actually really excited now to meet Baby X (still don't have a name picked out, people!) and I'm looking forward to having her join our family.

I hope you all enjoy this video as much as we did. Whenever we play it, Kieran clamors "Baby X..Baby X" (or "Bee Ats" as he says) and dances around.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

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Perpetually Sarah said...

I cried watching the video. I cannot wait to meet her! Hopefully this time I might be able to come out there. I'm hoping!! Loretta, she's beautiful!